Harry Potter, Sherlock, and The Greatest Scandals in Fandom

This week on We Come From the Future, we talk about what happens when scandal rips through the heart of fandom. Along with our special guests, Daily Dot fandom reporter Aja Romano, and Circlet Press publisher Cecilia Tan, we delve into all the wank that makes fans on the internet lose their shit. From Sherlock freakouts to Harry Potter slashfic, we'll explain it all to you — and then some.


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I actually do really enjoy Elementary. I like a lot of Holmes pastiches including the Mary Russel books and the RDJ movies.

However, Sherlock fandom spoiled my enjoyment of Sherlock *well before* Elementary showed up. I haven't been able to bring myself to even watch the 2nd series because the visceral *BLEAGH!* I now have about it from its fandom just coats it. Someday I'll overcome that and finally enjoy it.

They are a terrible fandom. Seriously one of the most repellent fan cultures I've encountered in my decades of being a fan. So hateful, they drove Moffat off Twitter.