Harry Potter extended trailer includes the final battle!

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The boy who lived is living on the edge, in new Harry Potter footage screened at Comic Con today. The new extended trailer for The Deathly Hallows included flying wand-fights, a diner confrontation, and a glimpse of the final battle!

The footage starts with a Voldemort voiceover, in which he talks about all the people who have died because of Harry - during which we see glimpses of Dumbledore and other fallen people. And Voldemort promises he'll punish anyone who helps hide Harry from him. Then we see Harry Potter arrive in the forest to face Voldemort and his Death Eaters, and Voldemort hisses, "Harry Potter, the boy who lived - come to die." You see a bit of the wand duel in the forest, plus quick cuts of dragons, the chase at Gringotts, a scene of multiple Harry Potters standing together, and more of the final battle.

Then you hear Bill Nighy, playing Rufus Scimgeour, new Minister of Magic, assuring people that the ministry remains strong. And you see the diner scene, where Harry, Hermione and Ron discuss what to do next, only to be attacked by diner patrons. We see Snape at dinner with Voldemort, updating him on the whereabouts of Potter, and Voldemort reminds everybody he must be the one to kill Potter.


Then there's a brief snippet of the (in)famous "hiding in the woods" sequence, with Harry and Ron arguing. Ron says he listens to the radio every night for news of his family's death, and Harry says he listens too. But Ron says Harry's family is already dead, and they start fighting.

Then more quick glimpses of action, including a voice saying the Minister of Magic is dead, and Bellatrix LeStrange fighting with her wand in the woods, a flying wand fight on brooms, and then Harry facing off with Voldemort.

The only cast member in attendance was Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) who just introduced the footage briefly and said Daniel Radcliffe "cried like a little girl" on the last day of shooting.

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By the way, do we know whose wedding it is in the movie? Because we haven't seen anything about Bill and Fleur so far, so introducing the wedding now would be a bit weird.