Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort Showdown in This Magical Poster

Whether you first experienced the Harry Potter story in print or on the screen, you’ll never forget the moment when Harry finally had his showdown with Lord Voldemort. Now, a new poster captures that moment in all his glory.

Dark Hall Mansion will release the above poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by artists Stan and Vince on Friday January 27 at 12:30 p.m. PST in a regular and variant edition, which you can see below.


The top image is the regular version, a run of 280, that costs $65. The variant is a run of 70 and costs $95. Each colorway is also available in a limited run of 15 on foil. All images are 24 x 36 images. It’ll be available at this link.

Harry Potter’s story is so all-encompassing and detailed, capturing it in a single image is difficult. And yet, even though this is specifically for Deathly Hallows, this kind of does it. Stan and Vince take the forces of good and evil, then pit them against each other in the most iconic location in the franchise. It’s an image that just says “Harry Potter.”


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