Harry Mudd Faces the Long Arm of Intergalactic Law in the Latest Short Treks Trailer

The look on Rainn Wilson’s face here is priceless.
The look on Rainn Wilson’s face here is priceless.
Image: CBS All Access

The final entry in Discovery’s quartet of minisodes is upon us, and instead of checking in on the U.S.S. Discovery itself, we’re checking in on the show’s interpretation of a classic Trek legend: Harcourt Fenton Mudd. As expected, Mudd is up to no good.


CBS has just dropped the trailer for “The Escape Artist,” which will focus on the escapades of Mudd as he catches up with Federation lawmen—hey look, it’s a Tellarite again!—or, rather...they catch up with him. International viewers, by the way, can watch the trailer here, even if they can’t actually see the short itself when it airs, as was the case with prior Short Treks.

Sleeping with a Tellarite, Harry? Heavens, what would Stella think? “The Escape Artist” definitely looks like it’s leaning into a little more of a fun direction than the more emotive, aspirational ideals of the other three Short Treks, which is a nice way to shake things up—and guide us into the final countdown before the fun begins again, when Star Trek: Discovery returns January 17.

“The Escape Artist” airs on CBS All Access January 3.

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i never understood the point of geoblocking a friggin trailer...