Harrowing Video Shows A Fire Truck Clipping The Blades Of A Helicopter

There was a terrifying scene in San Miguel, Chile last night when a fire truck drove through the twirling blades of a police helicopter. The collision caused the helicopter to spin wildly out of control until it eventually exploded in a ball of flame.

Earlier in the evening, a police patrol car with three officers was struck by another vehicle driven by a drunk driver. A police helicopter was dispatched to the scene to attend to the injured officers. But the driver of an incoming fire truck misjudged the distance and clipped the helicopter's spinning rotors, sending it into a fatal spin.


This video shows the incident from a distance. The collision happens at the 2:11 mark:

Footage of the helicopter spinning out of control and exploding:

The pilot of the helicopter, Captain Mario Esperidon Arce, is in critical condition suffering from multiple fractures.


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