Harrison Ford has a serious death wish for all his iconic characters. It's common knowledge that Ford always wanted Han Solo to die in Return of the Jedi, and now he wants the same for Indiana Jones.

ShowbizSpy is reporting from inside sources that Ford is ready to kill off Indiana:

"Harrison thinks it would be good for Indy to die and pass on his hat to his son in the next one," reveals an insider. "George especially is resisting the notion but Steven is considering it. Funnily enough Harrison wanted the same for Han Solo in the final Star Wars but George put an end to it. This time he doesn't have all the say though."


Last we heard about the next Indiana Jones project, it was rumored to be set in the Bermuda Triangle, but these were merely ideas and the script hadn't been written yet. Still the rumors alleged that Indiana's son Mutt, played by Shia LaBeouf, would be the "stand out star" of the film. Which adds fuel to the fire about Indiana disappearing into the great big warehouse in the sky.

[via Slashfilm]

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