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Harrison Ford Oddly Dropped Chris Pine's Name When Talking About the Future of Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford as the one and only.
Harrison Ford as the one and only.
Image: Lucasfilm/Paramount

“When he’s gone, I’m gone.” That’s what Harrison Ford said on the Today Show recently when asked who he’d like to see replace him as Indiana Jones.


“Nobody is going to be Indiana Jones, don’t you get it?” he said, about four minutes into the interview, linked below. “I’m Indiana Jones. when I’m gone, he’s gone. It’s easy... this is a hell of a way to tell Chris Pines this. I’m sorry, man.”

Which is, one, a very funny way to assert your own claim to one of your most famous roles. And, two, oddly specific?


While Ford may be right—that no one should or will be taking over the role of Indiana Jones any time soon—one has to wonder why he picked Pine’s name out of a hat. Does he know something we don’t? From an actor who regularly plays at being so out of touch with Hollywood that he forgets his own co-star’s name, it’s striking to hear him drop a name like that at all.

A good joke? Definitely. A hint at something more? Stranger things have happened.

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Jerk Dently

Honestly, there’s no reason for anyone to take over the role of Indiana Jones. Create a new character with his or her own backstory and launch a new franchise.