Harrison Ford is "chatting" with Ridley Scott about Blade Runner 2

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During promotion for Ender's Game in the U.K., Harrison Ford told IGN that 1) he's "chatted" with director Ridley Scott about a follow-up to the 1981 scifi classic Blade Runner and 2) he would be willing to return to the role. This is probably a bad thing.


You seriously don't need to watch the interview; that's all the information that Ford delivers. It's hardly a proclamation that Blade Runner 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold is on its way, but it does mean seeing the elderly, no-longer-possibly-a-replicant Rick Deckard shuffling awkwardly across the screen is one step closer to becoming a reality. As you might guess, I find this news potentially frightening, given that neither Ridley Scott nor Harrison Ford have had much luck in the belated sequel/prequel business recently, but here's hoping it stays at the chat level. For Sean Young's sake, if nothing else.


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David Somerset

You all can go on hating Prometheus as much as you'd like. Still, in Ridley I trust: The Duelists, Alien and Blade Runner alone gave him enough credit, in my humble view, to warrant him freedom to do whatever he likes for ages to come. And I'll still pay to see it.

Besides, I also appreciate Prometheus a lot. Go on with your puny torches and pitchforks.