During promotion for Ender's Game in the U.K., Harrison Ford told IGN that 1) he's "chatted" with director Ridley Scott about a follow-up to the 1981 scifi classic Blade Runner and 2) he would be willing to return to the role. This is probably a bad thing.


You seriously don't need to watch the interview; that's all the information that Ford delivers. It's hardly a proclamation that Blade Runner 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold is on its way, but it does mean seeing the elderly, no-longer-possibly-a-replicant Rick Deckard shuffling awkwardly across the screen is one step closer to becoming a reality. As you might guess, I find this news potentially frightening, given that neither Ridley Scott nor Harrison Ford have had much luck in the belated sequel/prequel business recently, but here's hoping it stays at the chat level. For Sean Young's sake, if nothing else.

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