Harrison Ford Injures Himself On The Star Wars 7 Set, EVERYBODY PANIC

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Update: Maybe we should panic! Apparently the injury may be more serious than originally reported.

Despite initial reports that the actor had only sprained his ankle, The Mirror reports that:

The 71-year-old Hollywood star was at Pinewood studios in Buckinghamshire when a hydraulic door fell down and hit him as he began work on Star Wars: Episode VII.


The actor, who also played Indiana Jones, fell to the ground in agony and after medics assessed him on the M Stage at the studios close to spaceship the Millennium Falcon, he was taken by stretcher onto a helicopter for further treatment.


Yeesh. That's not good. I'm tempted to make a bounty hunter joke here, but really I'd just like for Ford to be okayand not quit the movie in bitter disgust.

Original Article: Or not. Although Ford was rushed to the hospital after reportedly hurting his ankle on set, a Disney spokesman says the injury is minor and that Episode VII will film as planned. Apparently Ford sprained his ankle trying to exit the Millennium Falcon, surely causing him to yell, "No reward is worth this!"

[Via The Dissolve]

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