The Truly Awful Descriptions Casting Calls Write for Women

Between pay inequality, ageism, limited opportunities, and a laundry list of other problems, being a woman in Hollywood sucks. Thanks to Casting Call The Project, now we know the never ending shit-storm of abuse starts before these actors even set foot on set.


In the video, several actors read actual casting calls for female roles, which range from tone deaf (“Nerdy type of girl; nevertheless she has a boyfriend who loves her”) to utterly offensive (“Her cleavage is her best feature”) and borderline threatening (“Just so you know, you aren’t being exploited—the director gets naked in all of his films so you won’t be alone”). Jesus, it’s 2016 people. How is this still something anyone thinks is acceptable?

Blessedly, comments on the video are disabled, so at least we’re spared having to read through MRAs explain a “woman’s place” on set.

[YouTube via LAist]



OK, and? It’s like casting people are only looking for good looking people to populate films because (gasp!) that’s what audiences flock to see. If you did this same video for men, you’d get the exact same results. Don’t apply unless certain measurements, must be a hunk, must have tan, etc etc etc. For as long as audiences don’t want to watch Nancy Normal and Anthony Average on screen, this is what we’ll have - and for once it’s complete with gender equality.