Usually, when it comes to comics adapting elements from comic book movies, it’s on Marvel Comic’s end—but for once, this one is a DC joint, and it’s happening way before the movie in question is out.

Minor spoilers for Harley Quinn #26, by Harley Quinn #25, by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, John Timms, Chad Hardin, Hi-Fi, and Tom Napolitano.

Following her incredibly satisfying beatdown on the Joker last month, Harley has returned to New York, ready for a break from anything related to Gotham City, and to live her life as she fits... which includes taking part in roller blade fight clubs, because of course it does?


But anyway, Harley is given a new look by her friend Queenie to celebrate moving on from the Joker, and for the skate club... and there’s more than a passing similarity to Margot Robbie’s appearance in Suicide Squad. Even Harley acknowledges as much, with a vigorous nod to the fourth wall:

While the outfit she gets isn’t as dead on as the hair is to Robbie’s Harley, it’s definitely inspired by it... although tweaked to homage Harley’s closure with the Joker. Here it is, with Robbie’s Suicide Squad look for comparison.


Honestly, I think it suits comic Harley a bit better. Still, it’s pretty cool for the movie’s look to make it over like this. I wonder if we can expect the same for other characters in DC’s incoming movie pantheon.