Harley Quinn's First Season 2 Trailers Introduce Catwoman and a Budding Romance

Catwoman letting a foe know she’s not had her morning coffee yet.
Catwoman letting a foe know she’s not had her morning coffee yet.
Image: DC Universe

One of the most curious things about DC Universe’s Harley Quinn ended up being what was conspicuously missing from the series in its first season—like Sanaa Lathan’s Catwoman and Harley and Ivy’s romance. We all knew were going to show up sooner or later and the new season two trailers make clear that the creative team didn’t forget those details, they were just saving them for the next chapter.


Now that Harley (Kaley Cuoco) has finally broken free of the Joker’s hold and she and her crew have taken out the League of Supervillains, her next important order of business is going to be continuing to establish her reputation as the biggest bad working out of Gotham. But just because Batman’s other rogues have been bested by Harley doesn’t mean they’re down and out for the count.

The trailers give us our first look at Catwoman doing what she does best (mopping the floor with people), and teases that Harley and Ivy (Lake Bell) are finally going to realize that they might be better suited as more-than-friends. We also get our first look at Mr. Freeze, played by the one and only Alfred Molina.

Villain-heavy as the new trailers are, they don’t provide much in the way of information about which classic DC heroes might make guest appearances in season two, and given how much scene-stealing the Trinity did in season one, that’s probably a secret worth keeping for the time being.

Harley Quinn returns to bless us with new content April 3.

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