Harley Quinn Sings Total Eclipse Of The Heart With Her Own Batman Lyrics

This is simply one of the most perfect things we have seen all day: Harley Quinn inventing her own lyrics to Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Now it's "Total Collapse of the Bat," with the recurring lyric "Love my clown." This song will be stuck in our heads all day.

On this week's The Line It Is Drawn illustration challenge, artists were asked to mashup comic characters with different music videos. Naturally, we got a few renditions of "All the Single Ladies," but the best entry was Axel Medellin's four-page Harley Quinn fan comic. It's set to the Bonnie Tyler song, but it's also a comic focusing on Harley's frustration over the Joker's obsession with Batman. It's great fun.


You can see the first page below, but be sure to head over to The Line It Is Drawn and scroll down to read the whole thing.

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The Line it is Drawn #224 – Comic Book Characters in Famous Music Videos! [The Line It Is Drawn]

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TLIID is terrific. My favourite version of this song, though, is the literal version: