Harlan Ellison's original Star Trek episode comes to life in new comic

You may have read scifi author Harlan Ellison's original teleplay for the classic Star Trek episode "City of the Edge of Forever," but you've never seen it. That changes in June, when IDW releases a 5-part comic miniseries based on the original, unedited script, supervised by Ellison himself.


Regular Trek comic writers Scott and David Tipton will adapt the script, while J.K. Woodward, who drew the Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover comics, will handle the art.

Shockingly, Ellison is rather pleased his version is finally getting its due. Here's his statement from the press release:

"It was a superlative joy of my long life to have worked with Leonard Nimoy, who became my friend, and many others at Star Trek; and an equally heart-happy joy to be working with J.K. and the Tipton Bros. and Chris Ryall on this long-awaited visual of my (humbly, I say it) brilliant original 'City…'"

Sounds about right. But it'll still be cool to see this classic Trek episode retold in a brand new way, and discover what Ellison had originally intended.

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