Harlan Ellison Not Happy About Star Trek Movie Rumors

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If you've been reading anything about the upcoming J.J. Abrams Star Trek remake online, then it's probably been boring stuff like casting rumors. However, plot details have started to surface over the past few days, and at least one person out there isn't happy about it. Fair warning: there be potential spoilers ahead.


Harlan Ellison, who wrote the classic Trek episode "City on the Edge of Forever", has been reading the emerging spoilers and got a little hot under the collar. He claims to own the Guardian along with other character and plot details from that episode, and is definitely no stranger to suing in order to enforce copyrights. Given the fact that Ellison wasn't happy with the way Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and others rewrote this same episode, he'll now be fighting with J.j. Abrams over the same thing, so it may never be resolved. He wasn't kidding when he put 'forever' in that title.

Harlan Ellison Stinking Mad About New Trek Rumors [SyFy Portal]

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