Harlan Ellison Has a Mouth, And He Likes To Use It

The Harlan Ellison documentary Dreams With Sharp Teeth will be part of the SXSW Film Festival in March later this year, and as you can tell from this trailer, it features Harlan Ellison at his most colorful. The documentary began filming in 1981, also features Battlestar Galactica head honcho Ronald D. Moore, author Neil Gaiman, and Robin Williams along with plenty of choice quotes and vintage photos of Ellison himself.

Ellison wrote the classic Star Trek episode "The City on the Edge of Forever" along with many other classic works of speculative fiction. He was also an early booster of Doctor Who in the United States, and wrote a classic introduction to the 1970s Who novels when they came stateside.


Dreams with Sharp Teeth screened in May of last year in Los Angeles, although apparently that print was a "work in progress" and they'll be showing the full version in Austin at SXSW. We'll be there — will you?

Dreams With Sharp Teeth, a documentary about Harlan Ellison [Quiet Earth]

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@Steve_Smith: Good for you, so continue enjoying his work. The fact is a lot of people found his behavior at LACon to be the end of the line for them; I'm one of them.

And I'm not going to take your suggestion, 'cause I'm not done yet. And, yes, I am so naive. The ravening hordes of women out there molesting men and keepin' 'em down is definitely equal to the numbers of men behaving that way. I, like all useless "debate" shows on TV, must constantly take all sides of every argument to avoid accusations of imbalance. Forgot that. But we now have detente: NO FONDLING! Let's write that up and send it to SFWA.

@DanielBrenton: Spinelessness seems a very good description of the behavior. People should speak out against oppressors even when they're just "good ol' boys" or whatever. People who haven't been on the regular receiving end of that kind of bullying and don't have much in the way of empathy have no idea how destructive it can be; they shrug off the one or two little incidents that happen to them and can't understand the fuss, but for a lot of people, it spoils situations, opportunities, and even lives. Perpetrators of this kind of insidious shittiness should be required to stop or be exiled from the group if they just can't control themselves.