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Look. There are other DVDs coming out this week. Indeed, some of them are pretty cool. But the fact remains that there is a DVD out tomorrow that contains beloved/cranky scifi author Harlan Ellison teaming up with the original Scooby gang to fight ancient evil. What more do you really need?


Jack the Giant Slayer


Bryan Singer reminds us all why he should probably just stick to X-Men movies in this retelling of the fairy tale that basically turns into a Lord of the Rings movie about midway through.


A mission to Halley’s comet, a zombie attack on London, and a sexy space vampire collide in this bizarre cult classic from Star Wars SFX maker John Dykstra, Alien co-writer Dan O’Bannon, and Poltergiest director Tobe Hooper. This special edition comes with a new retrospective, a commentary track from Hooper, deleted scenes, and more.

The Howling Collector’s Edition


I don’t really know what makes this thing a Collector’s Edition, as it doesn’t appear to have any special features, but surely a few of you will want this excellent early ‘80s werewolf movie on Blu-ray.

Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc. – Spooky Stampede


The final episodes of the shockingly good and actually scary Mystery Inc. cartoon which is essentially H.P. Lovecraft’s Scooby Doo. As mentioned, Harlan Ellison guest stars. I am not joking about any of this.

H.G. Wells’ Things to Come


Criterion Collection releases the 1936 epic that looks into the future of humanity, both good and tragic, as written and overseen by H.G. Wells himself.

The Stand


Them massive 1994 miniseries based on Stephen King’s even more massive book in which most of humanity is killed by a mysterious plague, and the remnants get caught up in a war between good and evil. It’s $12 for six hours, so that ain’t terrible.

Dino King


I’m pretty sure this is basically The Lion King, except CG, Korean, and with dinosaurs.

Lab Rats: Every Family Has Its Glitches


Here’s Amazon’s Editorial Review: “The show is about a boy who discovers his father (a billionaire inventor) has been hiding his latest invention - 3 teenage siblings with bionic powers - living in his new basement.” Did… did the dad lock the children down there? Are they (partially) his biological children? Did he steal them? Were the children cyborgized against their will? This all seems highly unethical, not to mention illegal.

Kill Me Baby


Imagine Mad magazine’s Spy Vs. Spy, but with supercute anime girls.

The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse


After devouring his wife and daughter, new zombie John Romero (get it? GET IT?!) must protect his surviving son from other zombies… and himself.

The Ghastly Love of Johnny X


A bunch of teenage space delinquents are banished to Earth and look for a resurrection suit in this recent, low budget scifi musical.

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