The European Space Agency's Mars Express Orbiter passed within a few kilometers of Phobos last week. While it was there, it took some stunning high resolution photos of the irregular Martian moon. We're talking almost "Phobos Street View" resolution here. Mars Express also took some shots with its stereo cameras. So put on your blue and red cardboard glasses and check out Phobos in thrilling 3D.The Mars Express photos have a resolution of less than four meters per pixel, and they cover the entire surface of Phobos. This gives scientists an unprecedented look at the spudlike satellite. Next year, a Russian mission with the awesome name "Phobos-Grunt" will land there and take soil samples before returning to Earth.


I actually didn't have a pair of 3D glasses handy, so hopefully this looks as cool as I'm hoping it does. Is Phobos hurtling out of your screen at you while a cheesy Aerosmith song plays in the background? Check out the full-size (i.e., truly enormous) images here. Images by: ESA. Mars Express Acquires Sharpest Images Of Martian Moon Phobos. [Science Daily]