Hard-Fighting Pics From Transformers 2, Wolverine And BSG!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's spoilers include a better look at Wolverine's Gambit and Transformers 2's The Fallen. Oh, and Watchmen details, and some cliffnotes for BSG's tricky Cylon history lessons. Plus Lost's ending and Doctor Who set video.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

Here are a few new pics that were given as exclusives to Latino Review, Coming Soon and JoBlo. Bigger, and uncropped, versions at the links. [Latino Review and Coming Soon and JoBlo]


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

More toy packaging and detailed imagery is leading fans to believe that Megatron is not only in this movie, but has a major role rather than an end-of-the-film cameo. [TFW2005]

And here's a screencap from the new movie trailer that purports to show the movie's big bad, the Fallen. Way more pics at the link. [Transformers Movie Chronicles]


Director Zack Snyder talks about how he pushed to make his graphic novel adaptation more violent:

The bit where Dr Manhattan kills some people and their blood is dripping off the ceiling is a great example. In the graphic novel, there's one shot of him killing a guy and his head exploding. That's where I took it from. Which I thought, in the graphic novel, was violence: the idea that Manhattan would blow this guy's head off was gory. But if you could put it on to a character like Manhattan, the moral implications of what he's doing have no effect on him. It's just like, 'Oh. I'll kill that guy. What? So what? It means nothing to me.' I wanted to be able to say, to humans it's a huge deal; to him it's nothing.



Also, Snyder says there will be airships, including a big elephant-shaped Gunga Diner airship. And wherever possible, the movie will do the thing where characters' dialogue carries over to the next scene and sort of comments on it. [CHUD]


And costume designer Michael Wilkinson explains how he came up with Nite Owl's costume:

With the Nite Owl we really once again got inside Dan Dreiberg's brain when he was putting together the costume and he's a great fan of aerodynamics, and he's an amateur scientist/experimenter/tinkerer so we tried to imagine him down in the basement putting the costume together, so you'll see there's a sort of chain mesh protective surface that he's come up with,that sort of ... the feathers of a bird, he's got these six exposed zippers. We sort of looked at massive technologies things that might inspired him in putting the costume together.

We also decided to give him a certain amount of danger and sexiness because we have to tread that fine line between him being you know, past his prime, putting on a bit more weight around the middle, but at the same time, there are indications in the graphic novel, that when he's walking down the street, people are actually scared and intimidated by him.



Doctor Who:

Here's star David Tennant's point of view on all those exciting bus-tunnel scenes from "Planet Of The Dead," courtesy of Tennant's video diary. [Planet Gallifrey]


Battlestar Galactica:

Here are some promo pics from Friday's new episode, "Deadlock." [SpoilerTV]

Some stuff from last week's "No Exit," which could have some bearing on upcoming episodes, cleared up by the show's writers. Humans probably originated on Kobol, then spread to the colonies. Earth was destroyed because the skinjob-style Cylons living there built their own Centurions, who then rose up against them. Cavil is the only "skinjob" model to know the Final Five's identities, because he corrupted the other six models' programming so they'd never speak of the Final Five or search for their identities. (So he had to box D'Anna when she learned the truth, or it would destroy his "house of cards.") The Cylon events summarized by Cavil in "No Exit" may be seen more fully in "The Plan" TV movie.


Now that Adama has agreed to use Cylon technology to repair the cracks in Galactica, he's admitting there's no longer any difference between humans and Cylons, and also that Galactica is in as bad shape as Tyrol says. This will set up a lot of the rest of the series. And there will be more Boomer development coming soon. [Chicago Tribune]


Here's the Sky One promo for Wednesday's new episode:


Matthew Fox says it's not entirely true that he knows how the show will end, but producer Damon Lindelof did share some "images" with him, and they were fantastic. But he also says the ending won't please everybody. During season five, you'll see how carefully the producers have planned the show's run, and you'll be saying, "I can't believe that's coming back into the story," says Fox. [SFX via SpoilersLost]


The second half of the season will get into who the Fulcrum guys are more, and move towards a big showdown at the end of the season. Also, Jeff and Lester create a band called Jeffster!. The season's over-arching theme is Chuck realizing he's no longer simply Chuck Bartowski, Nerd Herd supervisor.


Jonathan Cake's James Bond-esque MI6 agent, Cole Barker, will be a recurring character. In his first outing, "Chuck Vs. The Beefcake," Cole joins the team to help fight Fulcrum. And in the second episode, "Chuck Vs. The Lethal Weapon," Chuck and Cole have to work together to save Casey. Then in "Chuck Vs. The Predator," Chuck searches for the scientist who created the Intersect, hoping to get it out of his head, and discovers the "uber-version of himself." [Sci Fi Wire]

Life On Mars:

On Wednesday, time-lost cop Sam Tyler meets another guy who claims to be from 2009. And this other possible time traveler has a whole board of explanations for why he could be trapped in the past - and they're quite similar to Sam's ideas. Meanwhile, someone nudges Sam towards realizing that Annie is the girl for him, but she's got her hands full - she's been partnered up on a case with the sexist detective Ray. [Zap2It]


Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.

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I'm feeling disappointed in the direction that BSG is heading and found the revelations of the last episode to be an uncomfortable fit with the events that have occurred so far.

One of the things that I hoped that the shows writers would have attempted to avoid is that Kobol is the birthplace of humanity, something that is overwhelmingly contradicted by our own reality and biological history. If we were aliens to this world, as the show is beginning to suggest, then we would bear no biochemical or genetic relationship to any other creature on this planet. We clearly do have such relationships, ranging from our cousins the great apes to the simplest forms of bacteria. The very fact that we share the same genetic code with all other life on this planet where a particular codon transcribes specific amino acids during translation is enough to tie our origins to this world.

I'm also let down by the explanation for the Cylon's motivations and relationship the final five have to the others. I'm hoping the metaphysics of the show will have a more satisfying conclusion.