Hard-Boiled Urban Fantasy Sandman Slim May Be Coming to the Big Screen

Illustration for article titled Hard-Boiled Urban Fantasy iSandman Slim/i May Be Coming to the Big Screen

Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim books have always seemed perfectly suited for a film adaptation. After all, they star a tough-talking magician who’s escaped from Hell (and sounds like he escaped from a Raymond Chandler novel) and is out for revenge. And now a movie may be on its way.

Deadline is reporting that Studio 8 has picked up the rights to the Sandman Slim books, and is interested in turning the series into a franchise. Writer Kel Symons is on board to adapt the books, and on Twitter, Kadrey himself confirms that the adaptation is for a movie:


Now for the big question: who should play the vengeful man out of Hell?

Studio 8 Nabs Richard Kadrey’s ‘Sandman Slim’ Book Series [Deadline]

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How similar to the Dresden Files are the Sandman Slim books?