Remember Babs Tarr's awesome "Bōsōzoku Sailor Scouts" art? Well, a group of outstanding cosplayers have brought them into real life, and they are completely awesome. In the name of the moon, they will kick your fucking teeth in.

Your Sailor Scouts are as follows:

Sailor Moon: Michelle “Chubby Bunny” Nguyen,

Sailor Mercury: Mandie Bettencourt,

Sailor Mars: Ruby Rocket,

Sailor Jupiter: Yume Ninja,

Sailor Venus: Jennifer Newman,

The photography was done by Greg De Stefano, with editing by Yume Ninja for the individual shots and De Stefano for the group shots.

I swear, though, the best part are the patches the ladies made for themselves:

Okay, I'm thinking we need a Sons of Anarchy-type show centered around these ladies, stat. Daughters of the Moon? Motorcyclin' Moon Mamas? Let me work on it for a bit.

Thanks to my pal Liz Ohanesian for the tip!

[Via I Am Cubby Bunny]