It's May the Fourth, that day when Star Wars fans punnily wish each other well. We're celebrating with some of our favorite Star Wars gifs. How are you celebrating Star Wars Day?

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Let us know if you're doing anything special for the Fourth—maybe a Star Wars-themed dinner party or a costumed dance-off? And share your favorite Star Wars gifs in the comments!

Granted, on the Internet, it can feel like every day is Star Wars Day.

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But we'll take pretty much any excuse to celebrate all things Star Wars.

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Because there is plenty in life to get you down:

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But Star Wars is always there:

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And it can make you feel powerful:

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Like you can conquer anything:

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Like nothing in the world can bother you:

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It may even make you feel like dancing:

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So round up some friends:

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Sit yourself down:

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And relax:

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Revisit the original trilogy:

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Or the prequels:

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Maybe a little Genndy Tartakovsky:


Or perhaps some of the less popular media:

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Revel in the old characters:

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And new:

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Just remember to stay safe during those lightsaber battles:

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And have fun!

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Happy Star Wars Day, everyone!

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