Since St. Patrick's Day is all about killing brain cells, here's a little alcohol-related amusement to keep your neurons firing. YouTube user cadamole wrote this Irish-folksong-inspired ode to the biological and chemical wonders of alcohol. Learn the words so you and your friends can sing it as you raise your next round of Murphy's.

In case you're already inebriated, here are the first two stanzas:

In the year of our lord eighteen hundred and eleven
On March the seventeenth day
I will raise up a beer and I'll raise up a cheer
For Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Here's to brewers yeast, that humblest of all beasts
Producing carbon gas reducing acetaldehyde
But my friends that isn't all ‚ÄĒ it makes ethyl alcohol
That is what the yeast excretes and that's what we imbibe

Anaerobic isolation
Alcoholic fermentation
NADH oxidation
Give me a beer

[via It's Okay to Be Smart]