The Pulitzer Prize-winning news group ProPublica has compiled a list of all NSA programs revealed in the past year and plotted them on a chart based upon whether they are bulk or targeted, foreign or domestic. As is often the case with covert agencies, the codenames achieve the perfect balance of goofy and ominous.

"Most of the programs fall within the NSA's stated mission of foreign surveillance," says ProPublica, "but some — particularly those that are both domestic and broad sweeping — are more controversial." Those would be the programs in the upper right quadrant of the chart, including "Upstream" (which collects communications transiting the Internet via commercial partners codenamed Fairview, Stormbrew, Blarney and Oakstar) and "Bullrun" (which is an effort to undermine and weaken cryptography standards and tools).


Visit the ProPublica site for an interactive version of the chart, where you can also test your knowledge on "WillowVixen," "Squeaky Dolphin," "Royal Concierge" and other secret programs that sound like rejected avatar names.

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