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Happy 25th anniversary, Goonies. Here's the time you fought a giant octopus.

Richard Donner's classic swearing-children flick The Goonies turns 25 tomorrow. To commemorate its release, here's the deleted scene in which Data defeats a giant octopus with an über-modern cassette player. Enjoy.

Note the sheer un-PCness of this scene, as it's Data who points out that the octopus is "giant sushi." Also, the song Data tosses in the oversized mollusk's mouth was The Goon Squad's "Eight Arms to Hold You," which was produced for the movie by New Order collaborator Arthur Baker. It's the perfect song for your Goonies anniversary party. People are holding those, right?

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Can someone please explain to me about the pirate ship? Now, yes, there were plenty of pirates who may have hidden their treasures in caves, and while most didn't leave maps behind I'd be willing to suspend disbelief over that.

But a pirate with his booty in Oregon? Oregon, really? That far off the main trade routes, which were on the other side of Nueva Espania in the Gulf of Mexico? Which is where all that booty had to be drawn from, because it was all heading east from the mines?

Seriously, Oregon?