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Hanna-Barbera anti-drug PSAs were absolutely terrifying

In this Hanna-Barbera-produced anti-drug spot from the 1970s, the protagonist goes on a jovial jaunt to an outer borough of Drugachussets and then is attacked by a bunch of ghouls in a cosmic medicine cabinet. I would have totally watched a full-length version of this ad, à la The Herculoids.


[Via The Retroist]

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I just noticed that they had that old anti-cable ad up on there, but no 'Johnny Smoke'? 'Johnny Smoke' was the best anti-anything PSA . Though, oddly, since I thought it was both cool and creepy - and vaguely SF for some reason - it didn't do anything to deter me from smoking (not that I ever smoked cigarettes).

[edit] also, though I'm not certain. the 'Johnny Smoke' PSA may have been narrated by James Earl Jones.