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Hank Azaria calls out The Smurfs on their creepy co-habitation in 8 new movie clips

This new batch of clips from The Smurfs movie have us very confused. Do the characters know that this movie is horrific? Because Hank Azaria and Neil Patrick Harris are lighting the Smurfs up in these movie clips.


Thank goodness NPH is here to point out some of the weird things about these creatures. Like, Papa Smurf has 99 sons and 1 daughter — nothing weird about that indeed!

The scariest part, I laughed a lot at some of these videos. Until I saw that hideous melted cat face laugh. NO. NO THANK YOU.


The Smurfs will be in theaters on July 29th.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Can we all just agree that nobody who frequents io9 will see this and save you all the trouble of even acknowledging it's existence so you can save your energies for more worthy pursuits? Like a campaign to get "The Event" uncancelled.

Hey, I said more worhty. Not worthy