Turns out the vast, new world of Star Wars Rebels isn't populated solely by Jedi with meticulously manicured facial hair. Nope, there's a whole universe of new aliens and Jedi fighters to get excited about. Here are the new Star Wars faces we met at Hasbro's big Toy Fair reveal.

The first new Rebels character was spied by Newsarama. As you can see above, they found one "mysterious female Mandalorian" on a bit of packaging, who is also on team Rebel. So that's exciting.


Moving on is a great look at character Zeb Orrelios, whose character design was based on the original Ralph McQuarrie design for Chewbacca. And that is just rad.

Next up is Ezra, a young and allegedly "POV" character for the audience. We're sure his youth and oddly shaped lightsaber won't prove insufferable at all. He is not being called a Jedi but "force sensitive" we don't know what that means (Edit: Ok ok ok you guys schooled me – apologies!) But we DO know that at some point he steals a Stormtrooper helmet and gives it a little paint job for himself, and that is just adorable.

Image via Lucas Siegel's twitter.

Another new character, Imperial Agent Kallus. And that is all the information Hasbro was willing to give up on him.

More shots of Kanan and his scuba gear.

The Inquisitor and his massive lightsaber actually looked better in toy form than they have in concept art and stills from the actual TV series.

The Inquisitor's TIE Advanced Starfighter (also based on the McQuarrie designs) looked aces. As did the AT-DP and various other space contraptions. However the star of the Star Wars show was the brand new X-Wing Starfighter which was priced at a mere $39.00

Unfortunately they didn't have the Rebels version of R2D2 and C-3PO on display but they did have new droid Chopper out. We like this droid.