If you're going to be in Austin for the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, please come by to see io9's Annalee Newitz (that's me!) talk about the future of social revolution with Lifehacker's Gina Trapani, MetaFilter's Jessamyn West, and Linden Labs' Jeska Dzwigalski. The panel is Saturday from 5-6 PM, and it's called "Social Network Coups: The Users Are Revolting!" We'll basically be talking about tomorrow's social protests and revolutions, which will take place on social networks like (for instance) blogs or Digg. It should be a good time. Also, on Sunday night, Gawker Media (io9's parent company) is throwing a party for several Gawker blogs, including io9, Lifehacker, Fleshbot, and Valleywag. 9 - 11 PM at The Side Bar. See you in Austin!