Hand To Mutant Bone Blade Fighting In Mutant Chronicles Trailer

Ron Perlman wages a war against an army of mutants that crawl out from under the Earth's crust. With the help of Major Mitch Hunter (Thomas Jane), a team of humanity's last hopes descends to the depth of the Earth to destroy this savage race. Click through to watch Perlman give his best Obi-Wan know-it-all impersonation in the new Mutant Chronicles Trailer.

Not a lot of necromutant bone action, minus one very cool blade to the skull. I'm still curious as to how the whole John Malkovich CEO lord will work out. He wants to leave but he wants to stay, do they make him stay? I'm worried he's going to phone this one in. But then again Malkovich is like pizza, even when it's bad it's still good.


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