Hand Magic, Fake White People and Pigs Make "The Warrior" Awesome

Indonesian flick The Warrior (1981) is like Roadhouse - but with magical kung fu. And evil wizards who torment Indonesian actors in Dutchface. And a human-into-pig transformation scene.

In these two clips, there are plenty of hand magic shenanigans involving the evil wizards. Toothy Wizard torments fake Dutch guy, and then later resurrects Hair Wizard, who turns our hero into a pig. And what a hero our pig boy is. Played by Barry Prima, he's got superpowers that he uses to fight the evil colonial Dutch guys and their local henchmen.

Unfortunately he gets arrested as a rebel and his eyes are poked out. And then of course he's turned into a pig. Can you guess whether or not he triumphs? You'll have to see the movie, from awesome weirdo distributor Mondo Macabro, to find out.


The Warrior AKA Jaka Sembung [via IMDB]

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