Hand-Embroidered Calvin and Hobbes Scene Is Just Phenomenal

Illustration for article titled Hand-Embroidered emCalvin and Hobbes/em Scene Is Just Phenomenal

Stitcher Laura Hartrich captures the joy of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes artwork not with pen and ink, but with needle and thread. She has rendered one of the pair's flights of prehistoric fancy entirely in embroidery.


Hartrich doesn't have this particular piece up for sale at her Etsy shop (it was a personal piece for her son), but she does offer custom embroidered portraits. I wonder if she would also take requests for other comic panels, because I would love to have something like this hanging on my wall.

A friend embroidered this amazing Calvin & Hobbes scene for her son's birthday. All I can say is wow. [reddit via NerdApproved]

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This is the infringement of Watterson's copyright we want, but pissing Calvin is the infringement we probably deserve.