Hand-drawn sketches of Mars and Jupiter animated as rotating globes

Amateur astronomer Frédéric Burgeot prefers to draw what he sees through his telescope rather than photographing the cosmos. A digital animator turned his lovely illustrations into 3D globes, capturing Burgeot's view of the planets at specific points in time.

Pascal Chauvet synthesized Burgeot's images to create these animations, giving us globes that reflect the appearance of Mars and the pulsing clouds of Jupiter as seen through Burgeot's eyes and pencils. The animation up top combines Burgeot's observations of Mars during the winter of 2010. Below is the result of his observations of Mars from the spring of 2012:


This combines his observations of Jupiter from August 2009:

And this uses his illustrations of Jupiter from November and December 2011:


You can see the original images through Burgeot's website.

Frédéric Burgeot [via Exploring Space]


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