Hancock's Dilemma: Who Is This Movie For?

Drunken superhero Hancock (Will Smith) gives a young bully a taste of his own medicine, in this new clip from Hancock. Hancock looks like your standard summer movie, where the hero goes through a comical and life-changing journey and ends up a better person. But with reports of projectile-sperm jokes, you have to wonder: who's the audience for Hancock? Will it be a summer afternoon flick for tweens or a raunchy comedy for the 20-something pothead demographic? And either way, how will people react when they learn what Hancock is really about? Spoilers below.

As we reported before Hancock isn't really a superhero at all, but a god. Apparently he and Charlize Theron's character have this whole, "we love each other but can't be together unless were mortal" thing going on. Since this has been marketed as a raunchy superhero movie, I question whether or not this sudden left turn will put movie-goers off their popcorn. [MTV Movies]


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