Hancock Is A Filthy Dirty Cheater

Hancock uses all the tricks in Sony Pictures' bag to get people to believe it's not terrible. But all of it's slick rick Hollywood actions will not let it prosper. I am well aware that almost every big studio "opens" its major movies the night before in hopes of lumping in the midnight and late hour screenings into the overall opening-day numbers. But Hancock's brazen 7:00 pm opening on the Tuesday before its actual July 3rd release is a desperate attempt to grab every little ticket purchase it can. Click for more on the tawdry deceptions of Hancock.

Granted, we all knew Hancock was gasping for air and floundering along when we noted it was doing middle of the night reshoots barely two months before it was going to premiere. Many of you said that this wasn't that big of a deal, but I'm guessing the studio execs that dumped millions into this movie from the beginning would beg to differ. Sorry but a big pictures like this shouldn't be changing up the roster the night before the game, it's sloppy. All of these actions speak pretty loudly about the confidence Sony has about this picture.


[Hollywood Reporter]

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