Han Solo Is Not a Loser

Once in a while I veer outside my pure SF diet to consume something else — you know, like Grey's Anatomy. What do you want? It has hot people doing science, OK? Anyway, last week's season finale on Grey's involved a bizarre sequence where the docs have to break a guy out of some quick-dry cement he bathed in to impress a girl — a situation the victim describes as "being like Han Solo in carbonite." When he starts whining that he feels like a loser, the kickass chief resident Bailey gives this weirdly heartfelt speech about how Han Solo is NOT a loser. Showrunner Shonda Rhimes clearly knows there are SF fans in her audience.


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Yeah, I find it funny when people who are fans of the looked-down-upon SF and fantasy genres get all snooty and above-it-all of other such genres and/or so-called "guilty pleasures."

Own your fun, people, and who fucking cares what anyone else thinks?

Not me.

*hearts Grey's*