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If you've ever thought hamsters live the good life — bottled water at the ready, a steady diet of food pellets, exercise wheel in the bedroom — then La Villa Hamster is for you. This quirky hotel outfits each room with beds of organic hay and giant hamster wheels.


Located in Nantes, France, La Villa Hamster is the brainchild of Yann Falquerho, who felt that the hotel industry was not adequately serving the "animal transformation" niche. So he created his own hotel to give people the hamster experience. Each room has hay stack sleeping lofts, human-sized hamster wheels, globes filled with edible grains, and water stations. Guests even don hamster hats and sometimes run around the rooms on all fours. Apparently, demand for rooms is so great that Falquerho has considered setting up similar lodgings for people who'd like to spend a few nights pretending to be a cat or a dog.

Places like this may inspire eyerolls and impolite mutterings about furries, but I have to say, it looks pretty darn fun. Falquerho says the hotel is immensely popular with both children and adults, and it's rather lovely to think that kids get a kick out of vacations built around a playful sense of imagination. You can book a room at La Villa Hamster online, but it will set you back € 89,00 - 120,00 a night.


Photo by Cédric Chassé.

Hamster Villa Lets You Experience Life as a Small Rodent [Oddity Central via Geyser of Awesome]

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