Hamilton's Daveed Diggs Joins Star Wars in This Exclusive Resistance Clip

Lin-Manuel Miranda isn’t the only Hamilton alum who has made it into a galaxy far, far, away. Thomas Jefferson himself, Daveed Diggs, will lend his voice to this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance and io9 has an exclusive preview clip.

The clip, which you can see above, introduces us to Norath Kev, a young Resistance spy who, like Kaz, works for Poe Dameron, keeping his eyes out for information on the First Order. In the episode, which airs Sunday and is called “The Missing Agent,” Kaz and the Colossus crew respond to a distress call to find a missing Resistance agent. (Never could have guessed that from the title, right?)


Also in this episode is Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello, voicing a character named Ax Tagrin. So, there’s some decent star power coming to Star Wars Resistance in its final season.


Unfortunately for Resistance, this episode comes on the busiest Star Wars weekend maybe ever. A new episode of The Mandalorian is out, there are a few great comics now on shelves, fans certainly should be playing Jedi Fallen Order, oh...and A NEW MOVIE IS IN THEATERS.

After next week’s Mandalorian finale, though, the end of Resistance season two will be the only new Star Wars canon story for a while. At least until the next Disney+ show. And we’ll keep you updated on all the big happenings right here.

The Daveed Diggs episode of Resistance airs at 6:00 p.m. EST on Disney XD and 10:00 p.m.. EST on Disney Channel this Sunday, December 22.

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