Hamburg's New Science Center Looks Like a Crashed Spaceship

In this architectural mockup, the strange, 0-shaped building is Hamburg's new science center. It looks sort of like alien technology, but it's Earth-friendly, designed by futurist Rem Koolhaus to have lots of pro-environmental features. It's also giant. There are 250,000 square feet in there, packed into ten modular blocks that form the huge ring. Want to see it close up?

When finished, the place will house an aquarium, a theater, offices, labs, shops, and cafes. And the building is way bigger than it looks—over a third of the space will be built underground.


The Science Center was designed by Rem Koolhaus' Office for Metropolitan Architecture, is one part of a much bigger environmentally friendly, tech-savvy regeneration scheme for the city of Hamburg and its vicinity. Images by OMA

OMA Press Release via Yanko Design

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