Hamburg street artists transform sightseeing tower into firebreathing dragon

Here's something for the annals of entertaining (albeit dubiously safe) street art. A group of Hamburg artists were unimpressed with a tower in the city's Hafencity neighborhood, so they turned it into a flame-belching dragon. Don't try this at home.


Says .WAV (via The Wooster Collective):

It was found in the Hafencity neighborhood, which has become the quintessential example of socially insensitive city planning in the metropole. This area is largely devoid of any natural life beyond contractors and business-peoples, and is home to the new Elb Philharmonic. This landmark building for the city has gone way over budget and is seen as the physical form of political misspending.

So we thought we'd liven the place up a bit. Hopefully not all aspects of our cities need to be so unplayful.

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i was watching and watching and thinking "ok this is cute and all, but WHERE IS TEH FIRE?" then.. yikes!

anyone have any idea what they used to create such a bright, but apparently not very destructive, fire?