Bungie concept artist Isaac Hannaford keeps posting more amazing concept art for Halo: Reach and Halo 3 on his blog. The latest update: Some early Noble Team concepts. Including some pretty... unique customizations.

Above is a detail from the Emile concept art, complete with painted-on skull. Writes Hannaford:

Emile hates the Covenant with a passion. The skull on his face plate is less of a macho symbol, and more like saying "you've just been killed by a hunting trophy" Its fueled by anger and indignation, and he's effectively spitting in his enemies faces.


Check out a couple more of our favorites below, and the rest over at Hannaford's site.

Jorge concept art — notice the kill marks on his left shoulder pad, the side that faces the enemy. Writes Hannaford, "This aspect of his personality doesn't show much in the game, but its a left over habit from his origninal Spartan II squad. He continues the tradition out of reverence."


Jun, with his rifle broken down, and a version of his helmet that makes it clear he's the sniper of the team.