Hall H at Comic-Con Kicks Off with "Insane Nerd"-Loving Bill Murray

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San Diego Comic-Con started with a bang in Hall H Thursday as the man, the myth, the legend Bill Murray entered through the crowd, singing Smoke on the Water, and waxing poetic about life, responsibility and the expectations of this nerd-filled event.


Murray, who was in town to promote Rock the Kasbash, had never been to Comic-Con before, let alone inside the massive 6,500 person Hall H. He admitted he was nervous about being among the crazy Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who fans.

“I have a taser with me, I didn’t know what to expect,” Murray said. “I didn’t know what my place was but it feels wonderful to be in this room. It really does. I have a lot of dress up outfits at home I would surprise you with, I’m not gonna tell you. But I like when people get excited about something. A lot of people don’t get excited about much at all. Some of the best parties I’ve ever been to are with insane nerds.”

He then joked about a party he once attended at Skywalker Ranch. “They should have their blood tested, recycled and transfused into other people” he said of their passion.

Murray also joked that he’s “working out now” hoping to play the new Han Solo and when asked what his favorite movie role is, by a girl dressed in Ghostbusters stuff, he replied “Once upon a time I did save the city of New York and I had the coolest damn car to drive around Manhattan.”



Bill Murray being Bill Murray