Half Dressed Hells Angels And Snake Ladies Are Coming To Your City

Imagine a team of minds plucked from the most innovative or exciting projects of the past. Now imagine said crack(pot) team in a room coming up with amazing ideas for creepy characters and crazy looking beasties that may or may not be in a gang. And finally, make all of these creative types drop acid. This is how I envision a regular meeting at Japan’s Madhouse animation studio where they've collected only the best for their new Hells Angels animation. Plus, more snake ladies that I'm assuming want your sex and then soul - or at least a little blood.

Hells Angels brings together Yoshiki Yamakawa (who worked on the manga version of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) as the director, Yasushi Nirazawa (one of the minds behind the Hellboy beasties) and character designer Kazita Nakagawa (who worked with Shinichiro Watanabe on Samurai Champlo). As of right now, I can't tell what this flick is about... but I will tell you that the demon Elvis is outstanding.



In other creature news, Deep in the Jungle is bringing us even more sexy snake ladies. The Thailand film follows a secret service agent who falls for a snake lady, and I can only assume the snakey sex and hilarity ensue. Here is the official synopsis:

Nawin, an army secret service agent decided to withdraw from a scientific investigation because of unlawful procedures that involved International forces. Although he had tried desperately to avoid the illegal acts of the armed forces, it seems the harder he tried the more involved he became. He was constantly under surveillance no matter where he went or what he did which made him realize there was more to the situation that meets the eye.

Jin, a young woman who Nawin once saved from a brutal attack is undergoing a strange transformation within her body as her blood circulates through mutation. This transformation on Jin, is what Nawin believes the International forces are after. The half breed mix between animal and human.

Nawin decides to help Jin by taking her back to her birth place. As he leads her home, her illness seems to subside. They will soon grow close and fall in love. When it comes time for Nawin to choose between her and his life, he awakes to find that it has all been an image of his imagination…or was it?




Actually, the guy who worked on the manga version of Jedi was Hirmoto Shin-Ichi. Apparently the movie's based on some of his work. If you haven't read his turn on that star wars manga, it's a real mind-blaster. Shin-Ichi's work has this insane, feral, yet very creative feel to it. It's really great stuff. I've always wanted to see more of his work translated, so that's pretty cool news.