Half-dressed astronauts illustrate the hazards of exposing your body in space

The astronauts in Nathan Hoste's Bodies in Space illustrations left the airlock without proper attire, and they're suffering the consequences. Without the benefit of airtight spacesuits, their bodies are experiencing sunburns, bruising, and worse.

Each illustration in Hoste's series shows a poorly dressed astronaut suffering a different ill effect of traveling in space unprotected. The illustrations are a bit cheeky (sometimes literally). For example, in the description for his radiation print, Hoste explains:

Another thing that happens in space, away from an atmosphere or space ship, is being bombarded by cosmic rays. Many many years after he dies of oxygen deprivation, he will die of cancer.

One of the pictures below is slightly NSFW for naked butt. A few of the other images in Hoste's (so far) six-print series are somewhat more NSFW. You can purchase the prints from Hoste's store.

Bodies in Space [Ghoste via Ian Brooks]






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