Just when we thought we couldn't be more excited for the first Disney animated Marvel movie, this brand new trailer comes along and just kills us with cuteness. Forget Hiro or the perfectly cast T.J. Miller as Fredzilla; the real star is the inhumanely adorable Baymax. Hairy babies!

In case you missed it, the voice cast for the movie has been announced, along with new pics of the team in their civvies:

• Hiro Hamada, voiced by Supah Ninja's Ryan Potter. Hamada is an 18-year-old, half-Japanese super-genius who creates the teams power suits.

• Baymax the robot, voiced by 30 Rock's Scott Adsit. Baymax can connect to Hiro's flightsuit, allowing them to "tag-team" in battle.

• Go Go Tomago, voiced by Sucker Punch's Jamie Chung. Go Go is the strong, quiet type, and her suit can transform into a mag-lev bike.

• Wasabi No-Ginger, voiced by New Girl's Damon Wayans Jr. Wasabi is cautious and careful, even though he has laser swords for arms.

• Honey Lemon, voiced by Genesis Rodriguez. A bright, cheery chemistry student, Honey who "holds the group together."

• Fredzilla, voiced by Silicon Valley's T.J. Miller. A monster movie-loving nerd who has created a giant monster suit to fight from.


If you want more, USA Today talked with co-directors Don Hall and Chris Williams and got more character details — definitely worth checking out.