Kosmas rigged his computer so that it could interface with the AchronoTech machines. His mother complained about the power bill, but he assured her it would be worth it when he was the first to override the access controls. Concept art by the inimitable Simon Stålenhag.

Stålenhag has already captured our imagination with his landscape paintings combining images of the recent past with futuristic technology, as if his images come from an alternate, but familiar, universe. It's a pleasure to see an interior image placed in that same world.


Stålenhag has a book out, Ur Varselklotet, and he recently joined the fantastic concept art site Nuthin' But Mech. His work will appear in the third Nuthin' But Mech book, coming out this October.

"Hacking the Loop" is featured with permission from Lorin Wood at Nuthin' But Mech.