Hackerpocalypse reveals that io9 commenters like scifi in their passwords

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While we scramble to change our passwords and get accounts working again in the wake of the massive security breach at Gawker Media, the Wall Street Journal has turned our pain into an infographic.


I'm one of those people who deals with trauma by making jokes, and this list is actually pretty funny. But please forgive me if seeing a list of the most popular passwords on the GM network gives you a rage flashback. It's interesting to see that, as the WSJ notes, people who register as commenters on sites like io9 tend to have passwords that are far more creative than those on other networks (the WSJ compares our leaked passwords to those leaked from Hotmail a year ago).

Among the top 50 most popular passwords for commenter accounts: starwars, dragon, superman, and batman. Also, of course, trustno1 and 666666.


Read more, and see more intriguing charts, over at the Wall Street Journal.

Remember folks: Change your password, and don't use a reference to your favorite show or dragon. You can get up-to-date details on the Hackerpocalypse here.

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Yeah, this is not helping.

"deals with trauma by making jokes" is an extremely shitty excuse for posting this.

While Gawker merely has egg on its face, some of the dorks around here who didn't have a system of multiple passwords may very well have had their bank accounts compromised, and most of us are still facing a serious amount of stress over this, even if our important accounts are protected.

And yes, Gawker employees' personal accounts got screwed, too, but they attacked you. The rest of us are collateral damage.

You have absolutely no right to joke about this. None at all.

Shame on io9.