The latest project moving out of movie development hell and into TV purgatory is an adaptation of the independent comic Hack/Slash, with a pilot script being written by screenwriter Skip Woods (Hitman, X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

The comic, which centers on Cassie Hack and her muscle-bound partner Vlad’s murder of murderers—some of which are suspiciously familiar if you’re a horror movie fan, has spent a long time not being made into a movie. But now that Relativity Television is separate from Relativity Media, it’s becoming a show. No word on where a show might find a home, but we’re guessing (hoping, praying) that it’s cable.


Hack/Slash joins Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunter 2 and Shadowhunters as the most recent movie-to-TV converts. It’s got to be cheaper and easier to do a TV show rather than a movie to capitalize on a property you already own.

[The Hollywood Reporter via Uproxx]

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