In 2001, at the height of Buffy-mania, the WB commissioned a new version of Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl, the 1970s superhero show that was part of the Sid and Marty Krofft Supershow. The whole (short) unaired pilot is on Youtube. You're welcome.

I guess the WB wanted to create a "self-aware," self-mocking version of Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl ‚ÄĒ which was already a spoof of the incredibly campy 1966 Batman show in the first place. In this version, it's years later and Electra-Woman (Markie Post) is a bitter middle-aged alcoholic living in a trailer, and the original Dyna-Girl is off blowing Electra-Woman's ex-husband. And they took Electra-Woman's favorite vibrator with them!


But a young girl (Anne Stedman) who was saved by Electra-Woman when she was little, is determined to track Electra-Woman down and bring her back to the world. To that end, she becomes the new Dyna-Girl and helps Electra-Woman foil an incredibly feeble jewelry-store robbery. (Best bit: Electra-Woman tells the robber his gun isn't that big ‚ÄĒ she's had bigger things up her...)

The nonstop sex jokes are sort of endearing, but the overall tone is sort of nauseatingly self-mocking after a while. And they use the "needle-scratch" sound effect not once, but twice. On the plus side, the song playing during the big fight scene is super-catchy. In any case, this might have improved if it had turned into an actual pilot. (This looks like a short pitch pilot, along the lines of the unaired Buffy pilot.) But probably not much. This actually makes the David E. Kelley Wonder Woman pilot look slightly less unforgivable. Slightly. [IMDB]