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Jon Snow may know nothing, but actor Kit Harrington isn’t much more informed, at least in terms of contract negotiations. The Game of Thrones star revealed that HBO has the legal power to forbid him from cutting his trademark Jon Snow locks until the show ends or, presumably, his character dies.


He revealed his follicular fate on Live with Kelley and Michael, and admitted he only discovered this particular rule recently. Here’s the clip:

I’d say that since season 4 is obviously done filming, and Harrington’s hair is clearly still long, this bodes well for his survival after meeting with Mance Rayder in the season finale this Sunday. But I imagine if HBO can keep him from cutting his hair during the show, they also probably have the power to forbidding him from cutting his hair until after said haircut would be considered a spoiler, so I guess his fate is still up in the air for TV viewers.


Still, at least that’s a silver lining for Harington if/when Jon Snow finally dies. Sure, he’s out of a paycheck, but at least he can finally get a reasonable haircut.

[Via NY Daily News]

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